Tuesday, April 29, 2008


why is it i always expect things to stay the same when in reality i know they have to change. I really hate change, i dont think i fear it, i just hate it. I never use to be like that, i use to love change until i moved and realized that change isnt always for the better... then again i dont really know if it was for the worst. I guess im in love with the familiar and knowing what things are outside my comfort zone. In less then a year everything is going to be different and im not sure if im really ready for it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

aww adorable.

ok... im in love. my older brother got a kitten and i fell in love with it. it is like six weeks old. the first time i picked it up, it licked my nose and i melted. now im jealous and all i want is a new something, like a puppy or another cat. today i went tanning and there were new bulbs and my ass is now buurnt. mmm i love it. and what the hell, where did vacation go? it went by so fast. i just want to be done with school. i dont even care that this is our last year. there is no boohooing coming from this girl. i was like done with school in the first grade. boooo school is lame. and i am not looking forward to college and with everyone leaving me. i haate maine. i want to get out of here so bad. this state is so freaking boring.... but my brothers cat is cute, i guess thats where i was going with all that.... peace.

Friday, April 18, 2008

c s

No one has to know
Playback, delete, and rewind
Each one is louder than the one before
And the people you care for
At ten times the expenseof all that you spent
You'll be relieved when
When you open up
You let yourself seem vulnerable
And the morning sun
Will make our bodies comfortable
In taking off your clothes
Everything hidden is suddenly exposed
You'll keep it on the inside
'Cause that's the safest place
'Cause that's the safest place to hide
All of your friends are gone
And you were barely holding on
We were wrong and they fooled us once again
We are the loneliest of men, we're the loneliest

Sunday, April 13, 2008

dumb moments

me- "hey look, full moon.... oh wait, thats the sun."

the sad thing is i wasn't kidding.

Friday, April 11, 2008

we're living in a death house.

Okay, so why is it that in this household we get in trouble for leaving a shirt on the floor but when my mom finds something that she’s not suppose to find, nothing happens. Seriously I think I’d be in less trouble if I like killed someone rather than if I forgot to feed my cat. It’s kind of funny, I would seriously rather tell my mom that I was pregnant then tell her that I forgot to fold the laundry. People who know me knows that my family is really dysfunctional, that’s right I do what I want. Work it. Aahh I’m just happy that no one is in trouble=). ...... oh and Edgar thought pork was from turkeys. haha i love him hahaha, we is so smart.... Buffalo is totaly in Canada.; )

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

listen to it roar

Well lately I’ve been feeling not so ghettoly fabulous as I should. I guess the only reason why I ever felt so “fabulous” is because I hate dealing with emotions, so I don’t. I blame this on my older brother who would never let me cry growing up. So when I do feel down I think I’m just being weak.( I swear I’m not as emo as I sound) Thus I have suppressed any negative emotion resulting in an ulcer. But that is just fine, I personally think that ulcers are sexy as all hell and I like it when my stomach roars. No I’m just “stressed”. The one thing that I am PISSED off about is that I cant have spicy shit, dairy and the one thing that I can’t live without…. Coffee. Yeah I’m totally having coffee, no man can take that heavenly goodness away from me, they can fuckin lick it.=) ha love it. Mmmm coffee is soo delicious ( I’m going to rant about coffee now.) it just… I don’t know… takes me there. It’s friggen amazing and I don’t understand how Camille doesn’t love it… (well guess what Camille, I don’t like chai!!! So HA!….. No I totally like chais.) I’m convinced that she will soon be addicted to the coffee as I and my brother are. Right now I am skipping school because I’m awesome and I can definitely afford to take a day off( that’s sarcasm right there). Oh well, loves.